Our Story

My name is Larry Melton and I founded memoryCADDY. I can tell you this, I am just OBSESSED with making things simple. I don't care what it is...and since life is full of many things I will never fully comprehend, the things I DO understand, I'm committed to making them simple!

This all started when the last decade of my life just became too hard to keep track of. I graduated college, became an Officer in the United States Marine Corps, got married, moved across the country, deployed to Afghanistan, and had a beautiful baby girl. What the hell just happened?! Life happened in a flash and I was behind the curve, I have always written things down but never in the same spot. This is how memoryCADDY came to be, I can finally put everything in one place. I'll be honest with you, this was not a business idea, it was a personal requirement to keep my sanity and eliminate my frustration.

What I found once I started sharing my story with friends and family, they had the same need and I wasn't the only one. I soon realized this could help so many people across the globe and that is what we did, started sharing it with the world!

Thank you for stopping by, we hope you love it!

Stay Simple,
Larry Melton